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Safety and security film for Iraq.
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With the current security status around the world; the threat of explosion and the possible resulting injuries caused by flying glass; many organizations are seeking to protect staff, visitors and security personnel from serious injury.

As a result; Sureguard are currently exporting large quantities of security film for installations on prefabricated housing for Iraq, financial centre buildings throughout the Middle East and for various armed forces engaged in the security of several war torn areas.

Our product knowledge and experience of shipping and export restrictions to some of these and other similar areas has helped us to supply a quick and problem free service to many clients all involved in emergency measures to provide as much protection as they can.

Shipping arrangements can be made to deliver direct to your project or via UK based agents with relevant documentation such as certificates of origin, AWB etc provided as necessary to expedite rapid delivery.

Although most of our export customers require a supply only service; Sureguard are able to provide on-site training & consultancy services worldwide.

Although Bomb Blast Film is currently our major export product we are able to supply any of our products for overseas customers.

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