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Safety Window Film is recommended by Local Government Authorities, protect the workplace, schools and offices

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Safety film protection - example application to glass table tops.

All safety Film Performance Data Sheets.
ST20_100 - Silver safety 100 micron
SUCL100 - 100 micron safety film
SUCL100_External - 100 micron safety film-External

Commercial window Safety film - 100 micron clear glass safety film for glass upgrading it to current Health and Safety Laws(Health and Safety Welfare) Regulation 14.

Current Building regulations and Health & Safety Legislation calls for glass within certain areas (Critical Locations) to meet a minimum IMPACT safety performance standard. This standard is BS EN 12600...

Sureguard safety film and safety window films are recommended window films by Local Government Authorities, protect the workplace, schools, around the home with window film.

Protects and enhances glass doors which are not made from safety glass use safety film - a self-adhesive, transparent film that prevents glass from shattering when it breaks. It can also be used on windows, coffee tables or any glass surface.

Whilst this window film can slightly improve the inherent strength of the glass to which it is applied, reducing the risk of initial breakage is it's real benefit and comes from safety Film being able to hold together broken glass fragments.

Whether the glass is broken through impact, building movement, vandalism or weather conditions Safety Films provide a barrier to fragments of glass breaking free thus enhancing employee, worker and child safety.

The risk of initial and subsequent injury is dramatically reduced enabling a safe and quick clean up process afterwards.

Recognized as a highly effective method of improving the safety of glass, Safety Film is recommended and endorsed by Local Authorities for use by child minders in order to protect children under their care against glass related injury.

Available at 100 micron thickness - please enquire as to your requirements.

Installation includes marking each pane of glass with an approved identifier clearly stating that the combination of glass and film satisfies the requirements of BS6206 - BS EN 12600.

This marking includes full details of the material, the safety standard and also the installation company. Film applied to glass WITHOUT the marking, will improve the safety performance of glass but WILL NOT satisfy the definition of a safety material included within current Building Regulations / Health & Safety Legislation.

Customers fitting their own safety film, should not be offered "compliance" marking for them to fit themselves as this is a false statement intimating that the safety film has been professionally installed by the company who's name is on the marking "sticker". Sureguard window films will not supply "compliance" marking under any circumstances to any third party.




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