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Clear Security film.
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SUCL175 - 175 micron security film
SUCL200 - 200 micron security film
SUCL250 - 250 micron security film

Available in clear, obscure or mirrored options, window security film provides protection for glass where necessary.

With the occurrences of theft on the increase and the spiraling costs in insurance premiums can you afford not to protect your assets?

Sureguard Security Window Films are tested to with-stand brick, stone and scaffolding pole attack/s. The results of which have shown an increase in time to gain access to premises via windows, patio doors or access route/s where glass is situated and protected with Sureguard Security Window Film, meaning the film slows down and hinders attempted entry.

Protective and Security Film does not totally protect the glass from total breakage, the film creates another thick impenetrable layer which merely holds any broken glass in place and reducing shattered glass. Continuous hammering, consistant throwing of projectiles will indeed crack the glass and therefore at some point the glazing will have to be replaced and re-filmed.

Security 175 micron security window film - please enquire as to what film will fit your requirements.




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