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All Solar Film Performance Data Sheets.
ST20 - High performance silver mirror
ST35 - Medium performance silver mirror
ST50 - Low heat reduction, high light
ST20_100 - Silver safety 100 micron
SB20 - Copper mirror. High performance
SB30 - Medium heat, glare reduction,
SB50 - Copper low heat, glare, high light transmission
NT20 - premium solar/privacy and UV
NT35 - med performance - good light transmission
NT50 - low solar performance good light trans

Solar Film - Window Glass Mirror film and tint is designed to reduce heat and glare in the office. Sureguard Solar Control film provides a quick and effective solution enabling you to benefit from our professionally manufactured and installed solar control products.

Solar Window Films are a tried and trusted solution within thousands of businesses across the UK and are used by millions of organizations throughout the world to combat the effects of heat and glare from the sun. Additionally, solar film acts as a daylight privacy film in that it protects you and your valuables from prying eyes.

How Solar Film Works.

Solar film is basically a polyester film impregnated with a metal coating - either metalised OR sputted process - the film reacts to the strongest light source giving the effect of a reflective mirror or neutral grey look depending on the film type and colour.

From the outside - the strong light source of daylight - a person looking toward the treated window will see a mirror or neutral grey while the inside view outwards is a slight window tint and visually transparent.

Solar window film is applied to existing glazing in order to reject and reduce the effect of the sun including heat and glare. Commonly termed mirror film, window tint and window tinting, our window films provide varying degrees of window tinting [effect/s] to glass and thus reduce heat through windows.

A building heats up substantially during any period of sunny weather, windows and other glazed areas increase the intensity of this heat gain. We have probably all sat beside a window and experienced a burning sensation from the direct heat of the sun.

Many computer users experience discomfort and eye-strain caused by glare from the sun reflecting on their Visual Display Unit.

This can have a severe detrimental effect on the efficient running and profitability of a company.

Sun shade film from Sureguard, act as a powerful aid to minimize glare providing a far more comfortable working environment.

Solar, Neutral or Mirror polyester solar window films are applied internally to glass or glazing.

Solar Films are normally used in places where there is a need to reduce heat, glare, add privacy.

Premium Solar Film also acts as a good privacy film and one way vision film.

Ultra-Violet barriers in solar and neutral window films filter up to 99.7% of U.V. transmission protecting goods from rapid deterioration.

Heat and Glare Reduction with solar window films and solar control window tinting.


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