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Carbon reduction window film

Businesses will benefit from energy saving LXCarbon® window film. Act on CO2
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"Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide."

The latest Sureguard LXCARBON® Energy Efficient, energy saving window films and coatings offer increased heat reduction and energy efficiency with maximum visible light transmission whilst retaining the aesthetics of your business premises.

Sureguard LXCarbon window film lets sunlight shine in and allows maximum visible light transmittance without changing the way your windows appear or the way you see through them – inside and out.

On clear 1/8” (3mm) glass, the sun’s heat and light pour through your windows. With LXCARBON® installed, over half of the sun’s total solar energy is rejected, including over 99% of ultraviolet light, while visible light remains...

Sureguard LXCARBON® maintains even indoor temperatures, minimizing hotspots and uncomfortable heat. Sureguard LXCarbon also acts like sunscreen for your environment, providing protection from premature skin aging and some potential skin cancers while reducing fading on your furnishings, floor coverings and artwork.


With cooler indoor temperatures, Sureguard LXCARBON® reduces the need for air conditioning and provides improved energy efficiency, lower utility expenses and comfort. You save on costs while also leaving behind a lighter carbon footprint for a better global environment.

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